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How To Pan Smoothly And Accurately And Avoid Jerking Movements.
1) The default number of pan pulses is 4 but boost this with (M4-4) to something large like 30 or more. (Your rig may wizz round madly.)
2) Next adjust the pulselength (usually M4-5) to the balance point. Get it right down to where the rig is at rest or just moves very slightly in one or other direction.
3) Now use both both variables to fine tune the movement you want. M4-5 changes the speed of rotation and M4-4 adjusts the duration/amount/angle.

Does one Tucit work with all the cameras on your list ? I have a Pentax and an Olympus. Do I need one for each ?
One is enough because every Tucit reproduces the signals of all the infrared remote controls that are listed. By default it sends them all in rapid succession. However as there can sometimes be interference problems there is an option for you to choose just one signal and only send that.
Tucit Duo and Tucit Quadro use a 9V battery. However the regularly available servos only accept 4.8 to 6 volt.
Both Tucits have a voltage regulator that will take care that the servos are fed with 5 volts only. Hence you can can connect most commonly available servos.
Can you do special orders ?
If I can, I can. Try me.
Why do you keep changing Tucit ?
It's the best way I've found to make it better.
With other systems, pan servos tend to creep and not keep still. Is this the case when controlled by Tucit as well?
No, Tucit sends a number of pulses to the servo. Then the servo moves and when Tucit is done sending pulses the servo will stop turning.
My Tucit doesn't have all the new features that the latest ones have. Is it possible to upgrade ?
Sending you an updated pic micro to swap with yours is usually possible for a small charge.