T U C I T - X
Aerial photography, robot type controller
for all cameras - with camera rigs
having pan servos and optional tilt servos

Camera controls
  • an infra-red triggers for Aikon, Canon, Konica Minolta, Nikon, Olympus and Pentax cameras
  • a relay switch for cameras with electric shutter sockets
  • a finger servo controls for cameras which don't have anything
Movement controls
  • plug and play sockets for model aeroplane type servos
  • pan servo for continuous rotation servo
  • optional tilt servo
  • all servos are fully adjustable by Tucit-X software
Easy to use
  • take it out of the box and just attach battery, camera and servos
  • switch on and by default every few seconds Tucit-X will take a picture and rotate your pan servo
  • in addition (if you have a tilt servo) it will tilt down for one down shot in every few pictures
Timer settings
  • intervals can be set in tenths of a second
  • countdown timer for when your kite is going up
  • batch mode allows high speed picture taking followed by rest periods
  • picture limits can be set so that your camera can either change its activity or simply stop after a set number of pictures
Robotic movements
  • a range of simple or complex movements can be set
  • options include 1, 2,3 or 4 level panoramas
  • batch mode makes possible high speed panoramas for easy stitching
  • you can even set different movement options, one after the other, during the same session
How it works
  • Tucit-X uses a pic microprocessor
  • its tiny yet easy interface uses a single push-button switch and two coloured leds (see below)
  • with this you can make you own settings through a simple menu system
What you get
  • Tucit-X is as pictured above with infra-red lamp and cable and connector for 9 volt batteries (7 to 12 volts ok)
  • dimensions 64 x 30 x 15 mm, weight as shown 19 g
  • comes with a manual, laminated menu summaries, an infra-red holder kit and a 9 volt battery holder
  • you get all this and more ... at the push of a button

Tucit-X's ultra lightweight user interface

For more information please read the manual and the faq
Tucit-X with pentax camera, infra-red trigger, pan and tilt servos

Tucit-X with DSLR Canon, fisheye lens, infra-red trigger, pan and tilt servos

a Tucit with portable phone, finger servo and pan servo

a Tucit over Eindhoven with Olympus camera, infra-red trigger, Brooxes BCKK rig, pan and tilt servos.

a Tucit with infra-red, pan servo and tilt servo